FGK – targeted representation of interests

The Fachverband Galvanisierte Kunststoffe e.V. (FGK) was founded in 2008 and represents qualified surface technology companies, with a focus on decorative and functional galvanic coatings on plastic components, primarily for the automotive industry.

As suppliers of chrome-plated (i.e. galvanised) plastic parts, the FGK members are responsible, at their clients' request, not only for the coating itself, but also for the production of the component or the further-processing steps. Construction, tool-making, injection moulding, the galvanised final product and assembly tasks – everything comes from a single source. They also represent the field of job processing for their customers with their own injection moulding equipment as well as for their preferred customers.

The FGK provides its members with supports across all topics both within the industry and also across different industries, and thanks to its common strategic alignment, represents its members' interests in a targeted manner, in particular by creating working groups in the areas of occupational safety, the environment, and education and further training. In order to make sure that plastic electroplating remains future-proof, the FGK also works intensively and successfully at a political level, and has close working relationships with scientific institutes and organisations worldwide.