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New FGK board elected

During an extraordinary virtual general meeting as well as board meeting on 22 December 2022, the members of the FGK elected a new board. 

Dr. Markus Dahlhaus is the new chairman of the FGK

FGK Chairman Dr. Carsten Brockmann explained that he had to resign from the FGK chairmanship for personal reasons. However, he will keep his board mandate.
Jörg Püttbach also declared his resignation from the FGK Board, as he was elected Chairman of the ZVO on 1 January 2023.
As the FGK board will continue to comprise four people in the future, FGK and ZVO Managing Director Christoph Matheis proposed Dr. Markus Dahlhaus, BIA, as a new candidate, who was then unanimously elected to the board. 
In a subsequent virtual board meeting, Dr. Markus Dahlhaus was elected chairman of the FGK, and Stefan Tilke was appointed deputy.